A.G Berner Class of 1966 50th reunion, 2016 Massapequa, N.Y.
A.G.Berner Class of 1966
50th Reunion
Massapequa, NY
September 16, 17 and 18
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 The dates are set!
One day is not enough time to reaquaint with old friends. The Berner 2016 Class reunion will be a 3 day day event.
The 2008 has classmates that attended all activities and some that attended one or two. You decide.
Our last Berner Reunion was in 2008
Why 2008, you ask? We got such good response from ther Berner66 classmate site that started in 2006. The group went from 4 or 5 people to finding over 200 classmates from Berner Class of 1966. We all decided...Why wait for a five year increment. Lets do it now!
Something for everyone
The last reunion featured a Friday night dinner cruise on the Great South Bay. On Saturday, we went to the Berner High School ( now a middle school) and walked the halls to see where so many memories were created. There was a touching tribute to the classmates killed in the VietNam War as well as recognizing other classmates  from Berner 1966 that have passed. Sadly, we have lost more since our last get together and it makes it all the more important to find everyone.
Saturday night we had a dinner dance which had attendance over 100 people.
Sunday Morning, Joe Klubnick opened his house to all for a wonderful brunch
We are now planning the Berner Class of 1966
50 year Reunion
September 2016
It would be hard to express in words the closeness we all felt when we got together in 2008. People we did not get to know well in school were now friends you knew from emails. The Berner66 group has at least 80 or 90 thousand posts. Finding missing friends, crying to find out some were gone, excitement in anticipation to have a great union. Many of you shared this feeling and will never forget what just may have been the best day you ever had with your Berner Classmates from 1966
Mark your calendar for September 16th thru the 18th, 2016. Make plans to attend one or all of the events. Some events like the cruise have limited seating so please sign up early.

Where are you?

We found over 200 people from the Berner Class of 1966 between 2006 and 2008 but we are still missing so many more. We were unable to find many of the women that graduated with us because of name changes. Are you still in touch with any former classmates from The class of 1966?  Please help us find them.  If that is not possible, share the last known contact information you had with them.
We want this reunion to include everyone from the first full four year graduating class of the Berner Jr. Sr. High School...... The Class of 1966
.The turnout was so large that pictures were done by the elementary school attended. We had large groups from Unqua, Hawthorne, Carmen Road and East Lake.
We even had some favorite teachers join our celebration. They sent back vey kind words about how welcome they felt joining us and how honored they were to be asked to be included.
How could it be that we are all old enough to collect Social Security?

We have all grown and moved on from the people we thought we were in the 60's. Some of us are retired. Some of us are Grandparents. We are so many things now. Since the Berner group started people that hardly knew each other in school have become close friends. 
Our reunion in 2008 was not like anything you can imagine a reunion to be. It was an experience that no one will ever forget. Lets make the 2016 just like that.
                                        Please attend
Forget all the things you thought people were in High School
We are the Mighty Mighty Bisons
We were the first full Graduating Class at Berner.
The Class of 1966

Pictures from 2008 Reunion 
and Random get togethers

    This site is not affiliated with any pay to join site. This is a place where members of the Class of 1966 at A.G. Berner came together and found the internet to be a great place to find and communicate with former classmates. Signing on to Berner66@yahoogroups.com does not obligate you to participate in any activities. You can chat with many classmates and perhaps find out information or give information on former friends from school. We really want to find as many people as possible.
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    A.G. Berner, 1966, 50th reunion 2016